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Electrical equipment distribution in a substation

The physical distribution of equipment in the substation is a study that demands much information and dedication. Typically, equipment is distributed in the electrical room under certain guidelines, such as: The switching devices that power or receive power from the transformers are located on the wall, on the yard side of the transformers. In this […]

Support location

The selection, design, and location of piping supports is an essential part in the study of any industrial process installation. Typically, piping is supported at regular intervals on steel supports embedded in concrete foundations or directly on steel structures. The distance between supports is the span. The allowable spans between supports of horizontal lines are […]

Buried piping

Most industrial plants have some underground piping systems, in other words located below the standard elevation of the ground defined in the plant. In most cases, these piping systems are installed during the construction of the new plant, and are rarely thought about until a problem arises. An underground pipe is not the same as […]

Period of Vibration (POV)

A pressure vessel subject to an external force or ground motion, due to forces such as the wind or an earthquake, will deflect to a specific shape and then return to its original position once the applied force is dissipated or removed. The extent of deflection is proportional to the applied force. The vessel, or […]


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