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Materials selection for special services

In the processes that are carried out, both in refineries and in chemical plants, to obtain different products, we can verify the formation of a multitude of reactions that are necessary to achieve the proposed objectives. The main objective of these process reactions is to obtain a final product free of all types of contaminants […]

Fundamentals of centrifugal pumps

Pumping devices have been used to move liquids since ancient times. The first of them were waterwheels, reciprocating or screw pumps. The appearance of the centrifugal pump dates back to 1600, reaching our days after successive modifications and improvements. Basically, a centrifugal pump is a kinetic machine that converts the mechanical energy received from the […]

Total Installed Cost Considerations for Steel Fabrication on Large Projects

In many engineering companies, each individual discipline is usually challenged to work within the lowest possible budget – both for workhours and for material costs. The lowest possible cost at the discipline or material level is not always the least expensive overall (both in terms of cost, but also in time in the fabrication shop […]

Vibration in Piping Systems

Vibration is one of the major causes of failure in piping systems connected to turbomachinery equipment. Piping systems are subjected to excessive vibration levels whenever the mechanical natural frequency of the system is excited by a pulsation or by a mechanical source. If the frequency of the load excitation is the same or in the […]


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