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Vibration in Piping Systems

Vibration is one of the major causes of failure in piping systems connected to turbomachinery equipment. Piping systems are subjected to excessive vibration levels whenever the mechanical natural frequency of the system is excited by a pulsation or by a mechanical source. If the frequency of the load excitation is the same or in the […]

Electrical design basis

Electrical designs -from small cables to big networks- must follow the guidelines provided by local and/or international standards and should contemplate particularities of the electrical network and client preferences. Becoming an expert on local standards is not an easy task; regulations tend to change from place to place. However, becoming knowledgeable on international standards is […]

Continuous Operational Tune-up (COT) of Fired Heaters

Continuous Operational Tune-up (COT) of process furnaces is the fastest and cheapest option to mitigate CO2 emissions in oil refineries. CO2 emissions in petroleum refineries Process heaters in petroleum refineries consume large volumes of fossil fuels and emit proportional amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Most of these heaters  have a  natural draft design and […]

Control Valve definition

It’s very common to have a control valve as the final control element in industrial process plants. Depending on its function, the valve must control flow, temperature, pressure, level, or concentration. Considering that the control loop (composed of the measurement element, the control valve, and the controller) must control the process, this means that the […]

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