Butt Weld Nozzles

Any pressure vessels specialist could face a situation when it is necessary, due to several reasons (high criticality, toxicity, process or environmental causes, safety, etc.), that no leakage occurs in the joint. Flanged joints are the weak point of a pressure vessel, where this problem could happen more easily. That is why a design solution […]

Nozzle Design: the Weak point of every equipment

All pressure vessels must be furnished with nozzles and connections. The aim of nozzles is to interconnect the pressure vessel with the rest of the process. The most typical practice to join nozzles and pipelines is to use standard flanges; this ensures a perfect match at assembly and construction stages. To attach a nozzle in […]

Welding of internals of cladded pressure vessels

In many pressure vessels that are internally lined in order to avoid corrosion effects, it is required to weld internal elements such as, for instance, trays supports, chimney plates, packing, etc. to the internal side of the vessel wall. In this case, a decision needs to be made: weld the attachments directly to the internal […]

Thermal expansion effects in static equipment

Nowadays, in many types of industrial plants, there are pressure vessels in service that work at temperatures that could be considered as severe, either low (cryogenic) or, conversely, high temperature. One of the main problems that needs to be addressed is the interaction with the support components of these equipment, that is, foundations or supporting […]

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