Self-Guided Training

Our training courses allow you to begin at your convenience, progress at your own time and own pace while benefiting from instructor support for the guided option. Courses follow the “learn by doing” concept.

The teaching material is formed by different elements, specifically developed to aid the learning process. The main available resources are the study notes, introductory videos, case studies, and extra material. The learning platform is Moodle.

Case studies are the fundamental stone of our approach. Once participants are acquainted with the contents that will be covered in each module, the proposed cases shall be solved, they include multiple-choice questions, selection charts, and sections to design, calculate and elaborate.

Training based on EXPERIENCE, start training your skills




The required dedication of each course has been determined according to our experience. However, for maximum flexibility, the learning platform will be open for twice the estimated dedication time.

There are no scheduled sessions, instead participants learn at their own pace the different contents. The instructor is available at any time during the length of the course to answer questions via the learning platform forum (guided modality).

For us your time is the most valuable asset, that is why you will be able to try our courses before you enroll. The trial version available will allow you to navigate throughout the course structure, get familiar with the contents and make sure the course meet your needs and expectations.

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