Live Training

There is no better investment than training. Our live courses are based on the experience gathered after 20 years of participating in multidisciplinary projects in fields such as the Petrochemical, Power Generation, and the Industrial field in general.

The main objective of our courses is to transfer to participants the theoretical and practical skills required in projects, obtained from experience and sound engineering practices.

Our live courses are hands-on, designed to encourage audience participation and encourage the resolution of real cases. The modality can be face-to-face in a classroom or virtual, live sessions through videoconference (Teams, Zoom).

The training material consists of various elements, developed specifically to facilitate the learning process. The main resources are the study notes, videos and specific animations, data sheets, study cases, and automated calculation sheets.

Training based on EXPERIENCE, discover our hands-on courses




To us, your time is the most valuable, that is why all our courses have been designed to after a few intensive training sessions you can familiarize yourself with the contents and improve your skills on the subject. Through our expert instructors in different fields, we encourage creativity, innovation and initiative, bringing the world of engineering closer to our students.

Some of the subjects of our main training sessions are: pressure vessels (ASME VIII), shell and tube heat exchangers (TEMA), storage tanks (API 650), piping design (B31), process engineering, instrumentation and control, welding, etc. We take pride in our more than 250 classroom training sessions given, covering more than 1500 experienced professionals, our best credentials without a doubt.

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